One comment on “General Assembly passes resolution on Syria as deaths mount –

  1. Do you remember when the USA had real friends around the world? Do you remember when our country was the number 1 economic power in the world? What changed?

    The answer to all these questions is giving, yes giving. The UN is mostly funded by the United States a the only thing we get out of it is 1 vote. The violence in Syria and other parts of the Arab world I am wondering, is it our fault? I remember these Arab countries were joyful and delighted when the World Trade Center went down, but they want our help, why is that. The Arab world as other parts of the world want one thing from us and that is our money.

    The people we elect into office or people running for political office should take a quiz of what they know about countries that take our aid if they have a history of being friend or foe or just fence jumpers. It’s like a English teacher trying to teach math or a master in foreign affairs if your state you reside could see another country across the sea or desert. Wake up people


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