Welcome to Mr. Valentin’s course website for 9th grade World History & Geography and 11th grade United States History course at Stuyvesant High School. I am Anthony Valentin (‘Mr.V’ to his students), a History teacher currently serving within the school. I am responsible for the construction and maintenance of this website.

The idea for this website and it’s original incarnation in 2000 was developed by former students of mine. These wonderful webmasters, however, graduated in June ’02 and left me holding the ‘tech bag’. This is the most recent of numerous revisions since the site’s inception.

I will continue to tweak the structure and content as time permits so that it will continue to enrich classroom instruction and add content depth. What will never change is the site’s role in providing pertinent course information for high school students. Additionally, content will continually be updated to reflect New York State’s mandated curriculum and sound pedagogy.

The content presented in the site is offered to student and teacher alike within the rules established by Creative Commons License- Attribution and Non-Commercial Use. All materials NOT created by me, but referred to via hyper-link (or a citation), are subject to the copyright restrictions of respective authors. Please observe these regulations to set a proper example for others. In return, please offer constructive criticism so that the ultimate goal of this website can be brought to fruition within my limited days.

All elements of this site, minus the professional and academic values upon which it is founded, are subject to modification. Such modifications will be driven by academic requirements, student needs, and the technology at hand.

The site underwent a massive upgrade in September 2001 when our school building had to be evacuated and we took temporary residence at our sister school, Brooklyn Technical High School.

World History and Geography is a two-year course that guides students through a study of World History via themes and chronology. The first year of this course is generally for 9th graders and covers a chronological spectrum from pre-History (Biological Evolution of Humans) to the 17th C. (European Enlightenment Period). This site focuses on the first year.

United States History is a one-year course that guides students through a chronological journey stretching from the Pre-colonial period to the present day. The course is generally for 11th graders.

The two semesters that comprise our school year takes the course topics and divides them into Fall and Spring sections. The Fall semester begins in September and ends in January. The Spring semester picks up at the start of February and ends in June.

You can find me with my students every weekday during the school year. When not in the classroom, I’ll be working furiously at my desk in room 351B. You can communicate with me by…

EMail: worldhistoryreview@outlook.com
Twitter: follow @WorldHistReview
Website: http://www.worldhistoryreview.org
Telephone: 212-312-4800

School address:
Stuyvesant High School
345 Chambers Street
New York, NY 10282

WorldHistoryReview.org is a domain owned by Mr. V for use in his work at the NYC Dept. of Education.


I led a session titled “Teacher Workflows: Workload Management” at the 2015 NYCDOE School Technology Summit on July 29th. Visit the home page for more about the summit. I plan to include an updated mindmap of the Teacher Workflow I use as part of the ‘Resources’ section of this website. Expect that to appear in the Summer of 2018.


If you click on the first PBS link below, you can see me as a focus group participant in the PBS effort titled “American Graduate: A Conversation with Teachers”, which aired in June 2012. If your browser can play flash files, scroll to the 08:19 mark in the video to see & hear my response to Ray Suarez’s question “Why do kids drop out”?

If you can’t view the flash file then be sure to click on the second link,  ‘American Graduate:…’, to see a portion of that important PBS inquiry into our high schools and the challenges facing our students.


Watch American Graduate: A Conversation with Teachers on PBS. See more from THIRTEEN Specials.


To read an interview I participated in at the request of the good people from Mindmeister (a mind-mapping web application), please click http://www.scribd.com/doc/87790233/MindMeister-%E2%80%BA-Case-Study-%E2%80%BA-Anthony-Valentin


You can listen to an interview I participated in with the good folks at ‘Ponder.co’ (June 2014). The subject of the interview were my thoughts on the practical use and effectiveness of the Ponder Web application in a public high school History course.


Blast from the Past: You can find a great many of the archival materials I’ve created for classroom use at http://www.scribd.com/WorldHistoryReview. However, I have stopped publishing on that site to focus my energy on this site (worldhistoryreview.org). The materials have not and will not be updated on Scribd.com, but I have no plans to remove the materials currently residing there in the foreseeable future.

Another Blast from the Past: If you navigate to Blogspot blog #1 and Blogspot blog #2 you’ll see a former effort I began in 2005 to aid teachers who were increasingly pressured to incorporate technology into their instruction. That effort was part of my duties in a tech grant program I was privileged to partake in. In those days, tech integration was the latest ‘buzz word’ thrown around by the DOE. My title then was Instructional Technology Integration Specialist (ITIS), but would revert to ‘Teacher’ after the two-year grant ended and I returned to Stuyvesant High School to resume my duties as a History teacher.

Credentials: Learn a little more about me by visiting Mr.V on Linked-In.



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