Prep Day 1

World History and Geography I (HGS41) Students

Hello Pd2, Pd3, Pd8, and Pd9!

Recap: The textbook remains home for completion of homework assignments, researching, and reviewing. If I ever want you to bring the textbook to class, I will tell you in class and/ or via Schoology. If Mr.V has not distributed the textbooks yet, he will do so soon. Anyone who is not in class when the books are distributed, please report to the Social Studies book distribution area near room 302. The 9th grade textbook is titled World History: Patterns of Interaction and it’s cover is blue. Assignments will begin appearing in the Schoology calendar soon.

To contact me, please use the messaging feature within Schoology. If you are traveling and only have a portable device, please download and install the Schoology app from the respective App Stores. My email address,, is always available for you and your parents to use. But, I strongly recommend that students use Schoology for efficiency.

Please join me and our class in two online services that will compliment our classroom activities this term.

1. Schoology
Click on the “Schoology Registration” link below to begin the process of joining Schoology. Use the Access Code written next to your period #. Access Codes only works for specific class periods. They expire in one or two days.


Schoology is a service that will make keeping track of course deadlines, calendar events, and the developing course grade simple. It’s sole purpose is to make mundane information readily available regardless if you are in class or absent.

Pd2 Access Code: ?????-?????

Pd3 Access Code: ?????-?????

Pd8 Access Code: ?????-?????

Pd9 Access Code: ?????-?????

Schoology Registration [Students ‘new’ to Schoology must click the “Sign Up” box found on the website. Veteran students just login to their accounts and add our course.]

2. To facilitate the exchange of documents amongst us, please take the opportunity (now) to create a free Dropbox Account using this link then follow the instructions below. IF YOU ALREADY HAVE A DROPBOX ACCOUNT, login here and follow the instructions below.

Dropbox Instructions:
A. Create a folder labeled in this format=> Two-digit Pd#_LastNameFirstName. An example would be, student John Smith is in Mr.V’s period 2 class. His folder would be labeled like this=> 02_SmithJohn. Remember, a ‘0’ (zero) is a number. A ‘O’ is a letter. NEVER use a letter to represent a number when working with digital materials. In the writing of your period #, use a Zero, not a letter.

B. ‘Share’ that folder with Mr.V using the sharing feature of Dropbox. You want to share that folder so that Mr.V can have full access (NOT ‘Viewing’ access). Use Mr.V’s Dropbox email address ( when asked who you wish to share the folder with.


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