School Technology Summit 2015 (Updated 1 August)

School Technology Summit 2015

The following materials are relevant to the presentation I will deliver at the 2015 School Technology Summit held at LaGuardia High School, NYC on 29 July 2015.

If you plan to attend but have not registered, you may do so here.


Agenda_Teacher Workflows: Workload Management

This session will address the challenges to managing the in-class workload that all teachers bear. Workflow options will be presented to tame attendance-taking; distributing, collecting, and recording assignments; and keeping parents informed.

Welcome/ Greetings/ Introductions

Soliciting Audience Opinions on Classroom Tasks
* What are our overall instructional goals as teachers?
* What tasks do we face before, during, and after class that are instructional as well as non-instructional. What is the cost of these responsibilities?
* Can we make a few assumptions about the tools teachers have to handle these tasks in and out of class?

Workflow Options During Class
* You’re in class, the bell has rung and the race begins to get everything done within ~45 minutes. How can you complete the diverse tasks efficiently and minimize the chances of being cut-off by the end bell?

Workflow Options Out of Class
* Now that you’re out of class your tasks have not disappeared, they are merely different. Teacher work hours extend beyond the school day, but how can we streamline our workflow to conserve time where possible?

Workflow Options to Enhance Parental Communication
* The best way to avoid unpleasant encounters with parents and supervisors is to maintain open lines of communication. Your classroom work should not be a mystery to concerned parties. How can we create and maintain this?

Wrap Up: Survey Distribution/ Q & A


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Mindmap_Teacher Workflows: Workload Management

The mindmap can be accessed by ‘clicking’ the image below. The mindmap will provide content, links, and materials that supplement the presentation I made at School Technology Summit 2015.
Mindmap: Teacher Workflows- Workload Management

Mindmap: Teacher Workflows- Workload Management

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