Notes – Materials 06 (SpHUS)

Unit06 Chapter Designations: Ch.20 => a, Ch.21 => b, Ch.22 => c, Ch.23 => d.

A06_The 1920s and the Great Depression

Pr06b2_Legacy of the 1920s
Pr06c_The Great Depression
Pr06c2_The Great Depression
Pr06c3_The Great Depression
Pr06c4_The Great Depression
Pr06d_The New Deal


Roaring 20’s Project Presentations (March 8 – 11, 2017)
FBI and the Red Scare
Hollywood and Motion Pictures
Rise of the New KKK (Nativism)
The Automobile and Mass Production
Consumer Appliances and Standard of Living
Consumerism and Modern Advertising
Gender Norms: Family and Sexuality
Gender Norms: Women’s Fashion
The Harlem Renaissance
The Lost Generation of Writers
Music and Theatre in the 20’s

———————————————-Additional Course Materials————————————-

AN06_Ch20: Politics of the Roaring Twenties
AN06b_Ch21: The Roaring Life of the 1920s
FilmQ06_Ch.20-21- The Roaring Twenties: Politis and Lifestyle
AN06c_Ch.22: The Great Depression
FilmQ06cd_Ch.22-23: The Great Depression and the New Deal
MM06_The 1920s and the Great Depression

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