Notes – Materials 04 (SpHGS)

Unit04 Chapter Designations: Ch.16 => a, Ch.17 => b, Ch.18 => c, Ch.19 => d, Ch.20 => e.

A04_HGS-Connecting Hemispheres 500 – 1800 (Ch.16 – Ch.20)

FilmQ04a_The Mexica (Aztecs) of Mesoamerica
AN04a_Civilizations of the Americas-An Overview
AN04a2_The Maya
AN04a3_The Mexica
AN04a4_The Inca
Pr04a4_The Inca
Pu04a_Native American Civilizations

FilmQ04b_Florence, Italy: Birthplace of the Renaissance
FilmQ04b2_The Renaissance in Florence.
AN04b_Florence and the Italian Renaissance.
Pu04b_The European Renaissance

FilmQ04c_The Ottoman Empire
R04c_The Case for Historical Continuity: Byzantine and Ottoman Civilizations
Pr04c_The Ottoman Empire
Pr04c2_The Mughal Empire

AN04d_Ming Dynasty China
FilmQ04d_The Ming Dynasty and Cheng He
FilmQ04d_The Iberian Peninsula and the Age of Sail

Pr04e_The Atlantic Colonial World

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