Notes – Materials 02 (HUS)

Relevant Textbook Chapters: Ch05, Ch06, Ch07, Ch08

A02_HUS-A New Nation 1781 – 1850 (Ch.05 – Ch.08)

AN02a_Building a New Nation: Forming the Nation
AN02a2_Building A New Nation: The Constitutional Convention
AN02a3_Building a New Nation: Compromise and The US Constitution
AN02a4_Building a New Nation: The Bill of Rights and Getting the US Constitution Ratified.
R02a_George Washington’s Thanksgiving Proclamation-1789

AN02_Ancilliary-The 2016 Presidential Election Analysis
Pr02_Ancilliary-The 2016 Presidential Election Analysis
AN02_Ancilliary 2-The 2016 Presidential Election Analysis

Pu02b_Jefferson Administration
AN02b_A New Nation- Challenges: Western Lands and Native Peoples
AN02b2_A New Nation: Finances and Financial Crisis
AN02bc_A New Nation: The Constitution is Tested in the Courts

R02c_Indian Prophets, Pan-Indianism, and The Battle of Tippecanoe
R02c_The Monroe Doctrine 1823
Pu02c_Nationalism and Sectionalism (delivered via Schoology)
MM02c_How Did Sectionalism Impact Nationalism

AN02d_Reforming the Nation’s thoughts on Exceptionalism
MM02d_Reforming American Society
Pu02d_Reforming American Society (delivered via Schoology)

P02_Building a New Nation
P02_Panics of the Young Nation