Notes – Materials 03 (HUS)

Relevant Textbook Chapters: Ch09Ch10, Ch11, Ch12

A03_HUS- Era of Growth and Disunion 1825 – 1877 (Ch.09 – Ch.12)

AN03a_Expanding Markets and Moving West
AN03b_An Era of Growth and Disunion: Compromise to the Rescue.

MM03bc_The Straw that Broke the Camel’s Back (1854-1861)
R03bc_The Perpetuation of Our Political Institutions
R03bc_Abraham Lincoln’s Young Men’s Lyceum Address-Instructions
R03bc_The Kansas-Nebraska Act and the Dred Scott Decision-Instructions
R03bc_The Lincoln – Douglas Debates: Abraham Lincoln’s Stance on Slavery
R03bc_John Brown: Martyr? Murderer? Traitor? Abolitionist?
R03bc_President Lincoln’s 1st Inaugural Address
R03bc_President Lincoln’s 1st Inaugural Address- Instructions

AN03c_An Era of Growth and Disunion: The Civil War Begins
MM03c_The Civil War
Pr03c_USS Monitor & The Anaconda Plan
Pr03c2_Civil War Innovations
Act.03_Document Analysis- EmancipationProclamation and the Gettysburg Address


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