Notes – Materials 05 (SpHUS)

Unit05 Chapter Designations: Ch.17 => a, Ch.18 => b, Ch.19 => c.

A05a_The Progressive Era- 1890 to 1920 CE
A05b_America Claims an Empire 1890 to 1920 CE
A05c_The First World War 1914 – 1918 CE

Pr05a_The Progressive Era
Pr05a2_Defining Progressivism
Pr05a3_Progressive Presidents
Pr05a4_Legacy of the Progressive Era
Pr05b_Spanish-American War
Pr05b2_Sp-Am War_Cuba
Pr05b3_Sp-Am War_Philippines

———————————————-Additional Course Materials————————————-
AN05a_The Progressive Presidents
AN05a2_Women in Public Life
Pr05a_The Progressive Era
AN05b_Imperialism and America
Pr05b_American Empire Building
R05b_The Hawaiian Experience during America’s Empire Building.
Pr05c_World War I
AN05b2_The Spanish – American War
AN05b3_Acquiring New Lands
AN05c_The First World War
MM05c_WWI Mindmap

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