Notes – Materials 07 (SpHUS)

A07_HUS-World War II and it’s Aftermath 1931 – 1960 (Ch.24 – Ch.27)

Pr07a_Prelude to WWII
Pr07b_Prelude to WWII
Pr07d_WWII-Holocaust and End of War
Pr07e_WWII-Legacy and Refugees
Pr07f_Korea-War and Containment
Pr07g_The Cold War
Pr07h_Science & Technology Cold War
Pr07i_The 1950s Culture

——————————Additional Resources————————————–
FilmQ07_Ch.25: WWII and the Homefront
FilmQ07b_Ch.26-27: Cold War Conflicts and Boom
FilmQ07c_Ch.27: The Happy Daze of the 1950s
Pr07_Ch.26-27: The Best Years and Happy Daze

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