Notes – Materials 03 (SpHGS)

Unit03 Chapter Designations: Ch.12 => c, Ch.13 => d, Ch.14 => e, Ch.15 => f.

A03_HGS-An Age of Exchange and Encouter 500 – 1500 (Ch.12 – Ch.15)

Pr03c_China: Han to Tang Dynasty (Microsoft Sway Presentation)
Pr03c_Golden Age of China-Sui and Tang Dynasty
Pr03c_China Golden Age Continues-Sung Dynasty
AN03c_The Sui, Tang, and Sung Dynasties (China’s Golden Age)
FilmQ03c_China’s Golden Age
Pr03c_The Mongols
Pr03c2_The Mongols
AN03c_The Mongols
AN03c2_The Mongols
AN03c3_The Mongols
AN03c4_The Mongols
FilmQ03c_The Mongols
Pu03c_The Mongols

Pr03c_Japan’s Uniqueness
AN03c_Japan’s Uniqueness
AN03c2_Japan Adopts and Adapts
AN03c3_Feudal Japan
R03c_Tale of the 47 Ronin
R03c_Bushido, Warrior Code of Conduct
Pu03c_Early and Feudal Japan

AN03c_Southeast Asia and The Khmer Empire
R03c_Doing Business with East Asia
Pr03c_Southeast Asia and The Khmer Empire

AN03d_European Middle Ages: The Medieval Period- An Overview of the Early Middle Ages
TL03de_Timeline of the European Middle Ages (Item Currently Unavailable)
M03d_Maps of Europe: Early Middle Ages
Pu03d_The Early Middle Ages
Pr03d_Medieval Europe- An Overview of Early Middle Ages
AN03d2_Early Middle Ages: The Frankish Kingdom
Pr03d2_The Frankish Kingdom
AN03d3_The Viking Invasions
Pr03d3_The Vikings
Pu03d_The Viking Migrations/ Invasions
R03d_The Vikings: A Synopsis
M03d_Fill-In Map-Viking Migration/ Invasions
AN03d4_European Feudalism
Pr03d4_European Feudalism
Pu03d3_Feudal Europe
AN03d5_The Rise of Chivalry
AN03de_The Medieval Church of Europe
R03de_The Treasury of a Monastery
R03de_The Petrine Doctrine
R03de_The Pilgrimage
Vatican State The Holy See
Pr03de_Medieval Overview: Europe’s High Middle Ages
Pu03de_The Medieval Church

FilmQ03e_Islamic Civilization Expands
FilmQ03e_Christendom Expands
AN03e_The Agricultural Revolution of Medieval Europe
FilmQ03e_Revival of European Commercial Centers and Scholasticism
FilmQ03e_Revival of European Commercial Centers and Civic Pride
Pr03de_Europe of the High Middle Ages- Change and Turmoil
Pr03de_Europe of the High Middle Ages- Change and Turmoil (Slide by Slide Description)
AN03e2_Rise of Commercial Centers
AN03e3_The Rise of Learning (Scholasticism)
AN03e4_The Black Death
Pr03e_The Black Death
R03e_Jean Venette and The Black Death
R03e_The Black Plague and Labor (14th C. England and Scotland)
R03e_Medieval European Jews and Muslims
R03e_Chipping Away at the Feudal System
AN03e5_Europe’s Response to the Black Death
FilmQ03e4_The Black Death
M03e_11th C. Europe: The Crusades
AN03e_The Crusades
FilmQ03e_The Crescent and the Cross- The 1st Crusade
Pu03e_The Crescent and the Cross- The 1st Crusade
AN03e_Ch.14-England and France develop as ‘Nations’
R03e_Growth of Urban Centers

AN03f_West African Trading Empires
Pr03f_West African Civilizations
R03f_West African Trade Empires and the Gold – Salt Trade
R03f_West Africa and the Observations of Leo Africanus
R03f_lbn Battuta’s description of the salt mines of Taghaza
FilmQ03f_Mali as a West African Trading Empire

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